In 1994 we found a little puppy in our family’s apartment complex that had been abandoned by it’s owners because they moved.  We took to our house in the country with a big fenced in yard and named her Angel.  We took her on vacation with us and to family functions, she was a part of our family.  Angel would wait outside until everyone got home at night before she would turn in.  She protected our family and was the best companion during the hardest of times.  She had the best life a dog could have when she died at the age of 14 from Kidney Disease.  Everyone at All Creatures took wonderful care of her, it was just her time to go.  We miss her and love her so much.  Angel will always be in our hearts!

If my parents ever decide to get another dog, they will definitely be bringing it to you for any medical attention it might need. Thank you so much for everything, again.  We appreciate everything you did to help us.

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