Dr. Linda Meakin has a special interest in canine reproduction – she breeds and shows the Hungarian Puli, an ancient sheepdog breed. As a result of her interest, she offers specialized services to breeders in the show dog community. Whether your dog has had difficulty becoming pregnant or you are taking advantage of the best bloodlines in the world by purchasing frozen or fresh-chilled semen, we have solutions for you.

Transcervical Insemination (TCI) is minimally invasive, effective, and safe. Using a specialized instrument, Dr. Linda deposits fresh-chilled, frozen, or fresh semen directly into the female’s uterus. Unlike surgical insemination, there is no invasive surgery and no anesthesia.

Call our Anderson location directly at 513-474-5700 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Linda or to discuss your options with breeding dogs! We also offer cesarean sections, when it is beneficial for the dam.

Health Testing

“Clearances” – Varies from breed to breed. Some of the more common tests include:

  • Elbow Dysplasia – OFA
  • Luxating Patellas – OFA
  • Thyroid Function – OFA
  • Serologic testing
  • Brucella canis RCAT – high sensitivity, low specificity
  • False positives common
  • Herpesvirus testing

Prebreeding examination

  • General physical examination
  • Reproductive examination – digital vaginal examination, examination of external gentalia
  • Verification of protection from infectious viral disease (immunizations are current or vaccination titers are protective)
  • Herpesvirus testing
  • Testing to ensure candidates are free from parasitic infections (heartworm disease and intestinal parasites
  • Prebreeding vaginal cultures

What – Type of breeding

Natural mating

  • Dog and bitch are both fertile
  • Dog and bitch are not separated geographically
  • Both are available at the appropriate time
  • Neither have a physical contraindication (arthritis, neurologic disease, vestibulovaginal band or stricture, size incompatibility)
  • Both exhibit receptive behavior

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Artificial insemination with fresh semen

  • Dog and bitch cannot or will not copulate normally
  • Bracheocephalic breeds
  • Social incompatibility – dominant female will not stand to be mounted
  • Bitch has a congenital vaginal anomaly
  • Dog is unable to intromit
  • Size incompatibility – seen more in designer breeds
  • Documentation of semen quality is desired

Artificial insemination with fresh chilled extended semen

  • Circumvents the requirement for the dog’s presence at the breeding
  • Circumvents the need for the semen collection to be performed on the same day as the breeding
  • Permits breeding of individuals located distantly from each other

Artificial insemination with frozen semen

  • Allows indefinite storage of a dog’s genetics
  • Permits siring of litters with sperm cells from deceased dogs
  • Permits transport around the world
  • Post-thaw longevity of frozen semen is very short (approx. 12 hours)
  • Requires accurate ovulation timing
  • Requires intra-uterine sperm cell deposition

Meet Dr. Linda Meakin

Image00169Dr. Linda graduated from Case Western University in Nursing, but then realized that her calling was in veterinary medicine. She received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Ohio State University. Linda has a strong interest in preventive medicine and behavior therapy. Her expertise is in reproductive science, and she is an avid breeder of AKC Pulis.

Dr. Linda practices preventive medicine and advocates wellness in her own life with daily jogs and proper diet.