Barkley & Cookie Roach

It has been a sad year for the Roach household. We began 2008 with our four beloved dogs, Barkley, 12; Cookie, 11; Duffy and Brody, both 6. Barkley was suffering from congestive heart failure and passed away in February. In the spring, Cookie was diagnosed with lymphoma sarcoma. Thanks to Dr. Dan, Dr. Yerovi, and the other wonderful staff at All Creatures, she was able to enjoy some quality time in her last months. Her illness became too much for her little body to fight and it gave in shortly before Thanksgiving.

Barkley was a year old when a family gave him to us. We were told he’d be going to the county shelter if they couldn’t find another home for him. They just didn’t have time for him and he stayed penned up all day. I remember going late at night to pick him up. He was still wet from being bathed, yet he had a great big red bow on his collar. He looked so beautiful!

Cookie was also a year old when I spotted her at a county shelter. She was shivering on the concrete of her kennel floor and her legs were all yellow from being in urine. We introduced her to Barkley and they seemed to like each other, so we took her home. On the ride home she was so bouncy and energized that she jumped up on the ledge of the back window. I can still remember the little “dot” of a dog standing in the middle of our backyard for the first time. It took four baths to finally get her yellow legs white. She gained some weight and she became more like a “PT Cruiser.”

Barkley and Cookie were very special and we’ll always keep their memories in our hearts. They are missed by their human and animal pack members. We won’t forget them and what a joy it was to share their lives with them. We like to think that they are together again and lying side by side on a soft cushy cloud.

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