Case of the Month

Gracie was presented for swelling under the right eye. This is typically how a tooth root abscess of the upper fourth premolar presents . Upon examination, Gracie’s teeth were fairly worn down and the right upper fourth premolar was visibly cracked. Other than being worn down, the rest of the teeth were not bad.

Even though it was very obvious that the upper right fourth premolar was the problem, at All Creatures, it is our standard of care to do full mouth radiographs on all of our dental patients.

Sure enough, the radiograph of the suspected tooth also showed a textbook case of a tooth root abscess. To our surprise, the radiograph of the same tooth on the other side which had no swelling and appeared perfectly normal with only a small amount of tartar present, also showed a tooth root abscess. Had we not radiographed this tooth, the abscess and pain associated with it would have been missed.

We extracted both teeth and sent Gracie home on pain medication and antibiotics. Gracie’s owner were given instruction for soft food and no hard toys , bones etc.and to recheck in 2 weeks. Gracie owner reports she is doing great.

Thanks to our advanced standard of care, we were able to take away Gracie’s pain, even when we had no idea it was there.

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