Chief 10/15/2001-11/25/2012

Chief – Superchief – Chiefy – Chiefers, The best dog in the whole wide world!
The things that make us smile – Your cock-eyed ears, your spotted tongue, and most of all your love! How excited you’d get for walks and trips to the farm and chances to go swimming in every possible body of water! How you like to chase sticks, toys, and balls but never bring them back! How you love to catch bunnies and squirrels but don’t understand why they won’t keep playing with you after you shake them! How you love to play tug with your wiener dog bungee toy! How you’ll ignore kids pulling your hair and your tail! Your stinky dog-breath kisses!
Thank you for all the joy your brought to me day in and day out. We’ve seen and done a lot of things over the past 10 years since you moved out of the shelter. We’ll miss you as part of our family! Tammie and Kirk, Cody, Cory, and Cole

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