Fleas, Fleas, Fleas

It’s that time of year again, when the fleas try to take over the world, one pet at a time. As usual, prevention is much cheaper and easier than treating an infestation. So, lets take a closer look at these little bloodsuckers, and we will make money saving recommendations along the way.

Truth or Myth – if you don’t see fleas, you are in the clear…..
MYTH – just one female flea can be the cause of a major infestation in your home. You may never know she was there, until her relatives number in the hundreds. Then, just like when your relatives come to stay “for a few weeks” it may take 6 months to a year to kick them out for good.

Fleas are best understood with the graphical flea pyramid. The eggs, larvae and pupae can number in the thousands. Only the adult flea lives on the animal so, for every adult flea you see, you can expect there to be 19 times as many fleas in the other three life stages living in your home and carpet!

No product available can kill the flea when it is in it’s pupae stage. They can remain in this stage for many months, which is what makes flea eradication so difficult, time consuming, frustrating, and costly.

Prevention is, of course, the easiest. All Creatures offers many options so we can customize a solution that best fits your lifestyle.

  • Combination products for dogs that cover multiple parasites, such as Trifexis, Advantage Multi, and Sentinel Spectrum.  These products range in cost from ~$10/dose to ~$24/dose depending on what product you choose and your pet’s weight
  • Flea/Tick products for dogs such as Frontline Tritak, Advantix and Nexgard offer both topical and oral options to control fleas and ticks.
  • Revolution for cats is such an amazing, broad spectrum parasiticide that it is all we recommend for cats.   Revolution covers heartworm, fleas, one species of ticks, ear mites, round worms, and hookworms in the cat. Wow!

We know heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives are confusing – there are so many options available to pet owners today. We can help! Call or stop in to any of our three locations, and we will be happy to customize a prevention plan for your pet!

Did you know that if you purchase your heartworm, flea and tick medications from a big box retailer or online, the manufacturer will NOT honor the warranty/guarantee? These are veterinary specific products, and you are only protected by the company if you purchase it from your veterinarian. Call us, we can show you how you will actually save more if you purchase your preventative medications from us.

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