We got Junebug from a lady in Indiana, so he was a Hoosier.  He was 9 weeks old and our son was 2 years old.  We also had a 4 year old cat named Captain Jack Sparrow who within two weeks was Junebug’s buddy.  Dale, Junebug, and Jack had lots of fun together for 5 years.  But then Junebug began having unexplained seizures.  His vet gave us medication to help with those but he continued to have them off and on for about 3  years.  Each time they lasted longer and longer.  I would hold him and pet him the whole time until he recovered. It was heartbreaking to see.  After a while it became clear that he was not going to recover from these seizures so we had to have his vet send him to Doggy Heaven.  We cried and cried when he was gone.  We still miss him so much and looking at his pictures brings a tear to the eye.  He will always be missed and loved.  We wanted to have a memorial for him.  So Junebug….this one’s for you bud!  Love you!!

The Bradford Family

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