It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Maggie, the bluepoint Siamese cat, into eternal rest. Maggie “Imagine” Padum was born and raised in Zanesville Ohio, the champion show cat of Pat Maddox, who cared for her the first four years of her life.

Her success in the show ring was likely due in part to her long legs, soft shiny fur, strikingly delicate features, and big blue eyes which resembled quivering marbles that might roll out of her head at any moment. She moved to the Ziegelgruber home in Cincinnati at the age of four, and briefly lived in seclusion to regain her composure after the nerve-shattering ordeal of moving.

When she began to befriend her new family, they were impressed at the volume of her growling meow, the intensity of disdain in her piercing eyes, and wondered how a creature with so dainty a countenance could insist on drinking from the toilet and make such a mess with her food.

At first she ran from every attempt at physical affection as fast as her tiny feet could carry her, and quickly abandoned her toys at the sound of approaching footsteps, seemingly from a nervous and modest disposition which rendered her too embarrassed to play. She became a devoted sister to the mischievous Kenzie, always sounding an alert when he was running through the woods or locked in a closet, and selflessly hunted every fly and cricket which invaded our domain.

Gradually her loveless glare softened to a gaze of contentment, and she enjoyed her evenings in my lap, purring at my compliments to her beauty. Maggie enjoyed shiny things with bells on them, stealing beef stroganoff from dinner plates, compulsively licking plastic bags, dipping her paws in the butter jar, and snuggling.

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