Marco Jenkins

Payton’s Place regrets to announce the passing of our alumnus Marco, who was loved and cared for by his adopters, our volunteers Mark and Mandy Jenkins. Marco had a zest for life that all of us loved. He was handsome, exuberant, athletic, a big goof, and a lover of Jolly Balls. He was something of a celebrity as well, as the only dock-diving Doberman on the Cabela’s circuit. Dock-diving gave him something to do, but it was no lark. He achieved high placements on a national level as he progressed through the divisions.

Unfortunately, Marco was also haunted by the demons of his early life; demons that his adoptive mom and dad were never able to completely exorcise. We don’t know exactly what his youth was like, or whether there was physical abuse, but his experiences scarred him. When he was afraid, or in pain, or shadowed by who-knows-what imagined threats, he could lash out against those he loved. Finally, Mark & Mandy’s efforts were not enough and Marco’s deamons got the best of him. They sent Marco over the Rainbow Bridge but of course, he choose to swim across the river instead. The SWODR family hopes that he is at peace.

Mark & Mandy Jenkins

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