My beautiful, much loved house rabbit Munny died peacefully on Friday, July 24, 2009 (the white one with brown spots, his bonded partner Madison is the brown Rex rabbit, who misses him as well) – I adopted Munny when he was only about 10 weeks old (my family is allergic to cats and dogs and I grew up on a farm – so I definitely wanted a pet).  He was a Mini Rex Rabbit and full of life, running around the house and chewing on cords and wood, which we promptly covered and instead purchased metal balls and cardboard boxes – when I would leave in the morning for work he was eating his breakfast of hay, when I returned he had all his metal balls stacked up in the water bowl – this happened almost every day, something I will miss.  We had Munny (aka Tink) in our lives and in our hearts for 10 years and he will never be forgotten – Rest in Peace Little Man.

Love Always,
Ed, Suzanne, Jake, Kelly, Madison and friends

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