The Burchfield’s said a very sad goodbye to “Rudy” today after his long fight with cancer, kidney disease and arthritis.  For the most part , Rudy, was determined to outlive his expected life expectancy of 13-14 years which he did by his determination to stay with his family for 15.5 years.  Rudy had been a patient of all creatures for the last 10 years and had been a more regular happy wagging visitor to our Amelia office in the last 2 years, during his struggle with his worsening conditions.   Rudy was one of the most gentle Pit Bulls you could ever meet, despite his once very impressive body structure and features, Rudy wouldn’t hurt a flea. Rudy’s life was extended by the care and love the owners provided for Rudy’s daily care and their commitment to his quality of life during his geriatric years.  Speaking for the staff of All Creatures, we will miss Rudy very much and the owners are a reminder that what we do does matter. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Burchfield’s, to discuss options and care for Rudy to keep him comfortable during his remaining months in this world.  Rudy’s perseverance and the Burchfield’s commitment to providing home care, gave our Dr’s and staff the opportunity to make a difference in the quality and length of life for Rudy and the Burchfield’s.

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