Why would I want my pet on a wellness plan?
Wellness plans are designed to provide excellent preventive care for your pet. This means we can prevent disease with vaccinations and catch potential illnesses early through physical exams and diagnostics, allowing us to treat them rather than waiting until there are clinical signs, pain, or a poor prognosis. The earlier we identify illness, the more effective our treatment is. Keeping your pet on a wellness plan allows you to keep them healthy while saving money at the same time.

How much are the plans?
Because we offer so many options for wellness plans, there are several price levels. Plans begin as low as $19.95/month & can range up to $55.95/month. View all Feline Plans or Canine Plans for more information.

Is there a membership fee?
Yes. In order to provide the convenience of monthly payments, we must ask for an annual membership fee.
First-time members pay an enrollment fee of $39.95. The membership fee is discounted to only $19.95 for plans paid-in-full and plans for additional pets. After the initial membership fee, the fee is waived each time the plan auto-renews.

Do I have to pay monthly?
No. Monthly payments are a convenient option we offer but you are certainly welcome to pay for the plan in-full (which saves you $20 on the membership fee!)

Are there any restrictions on who is eligible to pay monthly?
Yes. In order to fund your plan with monthly payments, you must qualify with our payment company via a credit recommendation. Unlike traditional credit checks, this recommendation does NOT negatively affect your credit by accessing information. Instead, we receive a credit letter value. We will offer monthly wellness plans to any customer that has a credit grade of A, B, or C.

Ok, my credit grade was a D. Can I still get a plan?
Yes, but you must fund 50% of your plan before using the plan services. You can do this by making 6 monthly payments before using services, or by making a deposit of 50% of the plan cost.

Ok, my credit grade was E. Can I get a plan?
You can get a plan, but it can only be funded in full. We cannot grant the monthly payment option to clients with an E credit recommendation.

I have multiple pets. Is there a discount?
If one pet already has a wellness plan, additional pets can receive wellness plans at the reduced membership fee of $19.95.

Is the plan pet specific?
Yes, each pet needs its own plan. If pets look identical, at least one of them must have a microchip. Please be advised that wellness plans are not transferrable to other pets.

What if I have to cancel the plan?
We understand that things can happen. If your pet passes away, or if you must move, and we have to cancel your plan, there are several types of refunds available:

  • If you have not yet used any services on the plan, you will be refunded 100%, minus the membership fee which is non-refundable.
  • If you have used one or more services, the regular price of the services used will be totaled. You will be responsible for the difference of the services used versus amount paid or, if you owe more than has been funded, you will be responsible for the remaining monthly payments or the cost of the services rendered, whichever is less.

Are the wellness plans the same as pet insurance?
No. Pet insurance covers a percentage of any veterinary visit and is provided by a third party such as Trupanion or VPI. Wellness plans are preventative visits and services designed to help keep your pet healthy.

Does the plan auto-renew every year?
Yes. If you don’t take any action, the plan will renew under the current terms. You will be contacted 30 days before the expiration of your plan and, if you’d like to make changes to the plan or cancel the renewal, you can do so at that time. You have until up to 15 days before your plan’s renewal to decide not to let your plan auto-renew.

What date will the payment come out of my checking account?
The membership fee and first month’s payment (if applicable) are due at the time that the first services are used. Subsequent payments will be withdrawn at that same time each month.

What if a payment is missed?
If you have a failed payment, you need to call us immediately with new banking information or funding. There will be a $35 insufficient funds fee for all failed payment attempts. If you change checking accounts, please let us as soon as possible so we can avoid this fee.