April 18, 2001 to May 27, 2016

Snoopy came into our lives about 15 years ago. The boys were bugging me for a dog and so on July 7, 2001 we brought home a 3.5 pound white furry puppy. We did not name him right away because we wanted the name to fit his personality. After trying out several names, the perfect choice was “Snoopy” because my son Joshua was a huge “Peanuts” fan and the puppy loved to get into things.

When Snoopy was a puppy, Justin would take him everywhere he went in the neighborhood. He eventually came up with a way for him to ride his bike and still take Snoopy with him. He tied our radio flyer red wagon to the back of his bike and put Snoopy in the wagon. I still remember seeing Justin cruise past our house with Snoopy standing in the wagon with his ears flapping in the wind. Snoopy loved it so much and he never got hurt even though our neighbors were certain that he would.

I will have to say Snoopy was a good little dog right from the start. We did not do any formal obedience training but he was easy to crate-train and learned to sit and give his paw on command. There were times we had to correct his bad behaviors with a “time-out” in the crate and then there were times when Snoopy would put himself in “time out”. When we would find him in his crate with the door open, we knew he did something wrong and then we had to figure out what it was.

Snoopy loved everyone he met and he loved those that did not like him even more. If someone was reluctant to pet him he would bug them until they did. Any time someone would ring the doorbell he would bark first and then get excited that someone had come to play with him. He was not much of a watch dog but he was quite the “lady’s man”. He loved the little girls in the neighborhood and enjoyed when they would stop by and pet him or play with him.

Some of his favorite activities were going on car rides, taking walks, taking naps, playing with his toys, wrestling or playing chase with the boys, visiting grandma, sharing a snack and most of all snuggling with his family on the couch.

Snoopy had an special bond with Justin. Almost every Saturday morning, when he was still able to climb stairs, I would find Snoopy sitting outside Justin’s bedroom door wanting to go in and snuggle. When Justin went away to college, I worried about how Snoopy would handle the separation. Everyone could tell he missed his BFF but overall he did just fine.

Over the past few years Snoopy suffered from many medical issues – Addison’s Disease, Thyroid Disease and more recently Heart Disease and Cancer. He was arthritic and was slowly going blind and deaf. With the help of the excellent vets and staff at All Creatures Animal Hospital, medications and lots of love most of these issues were manageable and Snoopy seemed happy and comfortable.

Over his last couple of months of his life he was just not himself. There were days when he would not eat or take his meds and other days he seemed just fine. It seemed like we were visiting the vet almost weekly. We were about quality of life, not quantity of life for Snoopy. We did not want him to suffer or be in any pain. Then finally received the news we never wanted to hear . . . . it was time to say our goodbyes.

On his last day, we spent the day doing all of Snoopy’s favorite things – a wagon ride, trip to the park, walking off-leash through the field, eating a bacon cheeseburger, snuggling with Justin on the couch and spending time with his family. We told him how loved he was, and thanked him for giving us such happiness and for his unwavering companionship and love. We held him and kissed him and whispered to him as he passed.

Snoopy’s final resting place is in the country where other beloved pets of the family are buried. Yes, he was wrapped in his favorite blanket and cuddling with his favorite stuffed toy.

He will be forever in hearts and truly missed.

Debbie, Joshua and Justin Nunner

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