In the summer of 1999 Norma and I rescued 4 pathetic dogs that were dumped in a pound in Northern Ohio by their breeder. Two of these dogs where Shibas that Norma took, and the other two, totally unsocialized and terrified Kai Ken, I will never forget the two dogs hiding in the back seat of the transport car, all you could see was the whites of their eyes, as they cowered and tried to be invisible. I agreed to take these poor creatures back home with me even though I knew I would never be able to place such frightened dogs. Marsha took one of the Kais to work with, And I kept Sony. It took weeks just to be able to touch him and months before he would approach me. I would go out every night and carry him into the house and hold him in my lap in my rocking chair while we watched the news. It took quite some time but finally, Sony learned to trust me.

The next several years we spent working on getting him to trust others. Sony lived in my grooming room in the front of my kennel and everyone who heard his story would stop to pet or talk to him. Many brought him treats, Beth and Pam would bring him cheese burgers etc. Sony finally learned to trust people and would even look forward to visitors. Sony never forgot a friend and would express his affection with love nips to your behind and legs and would dance with joy when his friends came to visit.

I could not begin to count the hours that I spent working with Sony, but never once did I regret a minute of the time.

I spent with him and honestly believe Sony appreciated what I did for him and loved me for it. Over the past few months Sony’s health has been failing but even blind and death he would still run to me when I came in doing his little happy dance and still nibble on his friends when they visited.

Sony was one of my first rescues and was the first Kai Ken I ever meet. I will never forget Sony and what he taught me, that no matter what you have been through you CAN learn to love and trust……. Last night Sony passed quietly in his sleep, I found him this AM in his bed, Sony I love you and miss you so much You will never be forgotten.

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