This is my tribute to my beautiful companion and best buddy of 15 ½ years Zappa. We got Zappa from the Clermont County Shelter back in ’94 as a small pup. Little did I know he would grow up to be such a large and affectionate doggie. Zappa was such a joy to be around with. He could run like the wind, majestically navigating any obstacle with such grace. After my marriage collapsed, Zappa was a source of comfort and reassurance in an uncertain world. During these past ten years Zappa was my inspiration to keep going forward and keep me focused on the tasks at hand. We did just about everything together. His favorite (and mine) place to hike was Mt.Airy Forrest. There isn’t a trail there we did not walk. I will always treasure his happiness anytime I would mention “lets go bye, bye” As he grew older our walking distances decreased, but he enjoyed them no less. On my radio show-The Latino Hour on WDBZ, Zappa was often a topic of conversation. I often related to our listeners our many hiking adventures. Each day with him was such a blessing and the pain in my heart is at times unbearable. But I take comfort in so many wonderful memories I shared with him over the years. I miss my Zappa every day and pray that I will be reunited with him in the afterlife someday. Until then he will always be in my thoughts and in my broken heart. May God bless and keep you “little doggie”  Love you always.

John D.Sullivan

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