Zoey Zimmerman- One awesome life!

Zoey Zimmerman – One awesome life!

Bio_pic_2_background_removed15 years of awesomeness is hard to achieve – but how about 105 dog years of incalculable, mystifying and overall unmeasurable awesomeness???
It is a sad day today as I write this and announce that the most awesome dog to walk this earth has passed away and is now trotting his awesomality next to my Mom and Pop.
Zoey Zimmerman could be called a dog, a pooch, a mutt or “she who steals snacks off the table”…but one thing she could not be called is ordinary. She had supersonic hearing that would allow her to hear the crinkle of any snack bag being opened in the Tri-state area. Her astounding MJ-like vertical jump could snatch multiple unprotected hot dogs in one sweet and fluid movement. But, perhaps her best attribute was her super cuddle that could melt the heart of most mortal and immortal beings.
Her only real weakness was her 13 year friendship to the insufferable and all together bad smelling Miniature Dachshund, Simon. I suppose that she needed a constant example of un-awesome just so she could keep her game up.
Zoey will be missed. Not only in the pantheon of all that is awesome – but in the all but ordinary home of the Zimmerman family. Her unyielding love for her family shined through every day of her 15 years, whether it was fending off strangers when a new little baby named Lillian became part of our pack or being a friend to a little boy who did not have many. Or knowing just the right time to come and put her snout on my lap when she knew I needed it…Actually the word awesome cannot accurately describe the love and dedication that our Zoey supplied to the Zimmerman family. She will always be in our hearts and when we utter the word awesome – we all will know what it really means.
So I say God speed to you Zoey! May your awesomeness fly you to your next adventure and while I’ll be sad and miss my best friend terribly – my life and our family’s life has been made awesome just because you were a part of it. We love you – Chris, Amy, Lillie, and Cameron…and of course, Simon the wiener dog.


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